Weekend afternoon the special Pho cooking class.

Top Special Pho cooking class Phu Quoc in the weekend afternoon 16:00 pm -20:00 pm

Pho cooking class Phu Quoc at Troc’s Kitchen

1.320.000 VND / 55 USD / 1 PAX

Vietnamese Pho cooking class Phu Quoc

. Traditional Vietnamese beef or chicken Pho soup

         ( phở bò hoặc phở gà )

. Vietnamese fresh spring rolls or deep fried spring rolls 

        ( gỏi cuốn hoặc chả giò )

. Vietnamese pancake ( Bánh Xèo ) 

. Grilled banana cake wrapped in sticky rice rolls 

      ( bánh chuối nếp nướng )

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What will you cook for the special Option Pho cooking class Phu Quoc ?

Vietnamese Traditional beef / chicken noodle soup ( Phở bò / Phở gà ). 

or .

. Learners find it convenience to discuss with our Chef to chose between fresh spring rolls or deep fired spring rolls ( gỏi cuốn or chả giò )

ReFund & Cancellaton Policy

For Full Payment class

Our policy last up until 14 days before your class start time . If you are within 14 days of your class , unfortunately we do not offer a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a refund , you must be outside the 14 days the refund will be doing 50 % just for the full payment with our cooking class.

For the deposit class

Unfortunately we do not offer a refund for any deposit of the class . However with thin 30 days you can exchange your class for any other Troc’s Kitchen and cooking class . We only exchange classes if they are within the defined time periods . If you need to exchange the class for the same item , would you please us an email at beptroccookingclass@gmail.com.