Weekend morning the special Pho cooking class.

The Vietnamese Pho cooking class in Phu Quoc top 1 special morning session of Troc’s Kitchen .

Vietnamese Pho cooking class

1.320.000 VND / 55 USD / 1 PAX

What will we cook when we waiting for the Pho broth of the Vietnamese Pho cooking class is ready ?

            (gỏi cuốn hoặc chả giò )

On the other hands , Foodies will meet many chance to use well our famous product which is Phu Quoc pepper and this we are probably get in the pepper farm Phu Quoc . Our pepper are not get from the Duong dong market we prefer to taking the pepper around the farms in Phu Quoc

 Troc’s Kitchen team will use only fresh ingredients with high quality of hygiene will guide you through the traditional cooking techniques and help you create authentic Vietnamese dishes . Some of our course also including the extra Vietnamese egg coffee or Vietnamese coconut coffee for you to explore more our culture .

The Vietnamese Pho cooking class we settled on was lead by Chef Pham Dinh Chuong, also known as Troc, and located in Duong Dong – the island’s central and most populated town. Troc teaches classes in the mornings and evenings every day of the week, and each session runs for about four hours (depending on how many students there are).

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

For Full Payment class

Our policy last up until 14 days before your class start time . If you are within 14 days of your class , unfortunately we do not offer a refund . However we offer an exchange your class for any other Troc’s Kitchen and cooking class .

To be eligible for a refund , you must be outside the 14 days the refund will be doing 50 % just for the full payment with our cooking class.

For the deposit class

Unfortunately we do not offer a refund for any deposit of the class . However with thin 30 days you can exchange your class for any other Troc’s Kitchen and cooking class . We only exchange classes if they are within the defined time periods . If you need to exchange the class for the same item , would you please us an email at beptroccookingclass@gmail.com.